Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The days - they blur together

So I made it home this evening. Direct flight from OKC and DC is very nice a little turbulence but nothing I'm going to complain about.

But as to yesterday -- another packed day and me being exhausted which means I'm posting my summary now. :-)

Vendors in the morning again -- there were so many and I had to schedule demos with a couple of them.

In the afternoon I did get to attend 2 sessions involving technology. The first was a smorgasbord of who's who in the Library 2.0 world -- they talked about 2nd life , wikis, tagging in your catalog -- but perhaps the most I got out of it was the lady I sat next to who was interested in web accessibility to persons with disabilities. I will hopefully be in contact with her and might be able to get involved with some ALA initiatives regarding that.

The next session I went to was on Social Software use in Technical Services. I went to this with a coworker of mine in charge of tech services. I wanted her to see applications other libraries were using and perhaps work at implementing some of them ourselves. They talked about RSS in the catalog and things like PennTags. An interesting little talk and a great way to show that tech service folks are social beasts too.

Anyways my brain is defragging so that's all from me.


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Aaron said...

Libraries and schools need the greatest amount of accessibility, in my opinion. They are supposed to be used by everyone in the community. I'm glad to see the ALA acknowledging this.