Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hollywood Librarian - Washington Post article

So even though I didn't get to attend this -- at least one Oklahoma Librarian did -- Modern Librarian: A role worth checking out

"I hope this movie busts some myths," said attendee Nathan Bomer, a 29-year-old librarian from Tulsa. "Our profession is in need of a serious image change."

To illustrate his point, Bomer opened his backpack and produced a souvenir, just purchased at the convention's gift shop. It was an action figure. Of a librarian. Her weapons: a stack of books and a pair of Coke-bottle glasses. Her superpowers are limited to "Amazing Shush-ing Action!"

"My life," Bomer said, "is nothing like that."

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MJ said...

The whole tone of the WaPo article reminded me of a post on Bookslut a few years ago:

"Today's librarians aren't all old women with glasses and their hair pulled back in buns, reports the AP. Also, today's police officers aren't all fat Irish guys who swing their night sticks jauntily about while giving shiny pennies to street urchins and telling them to stay out of trouble. And today's newspaper reporters don't have cards that say "PRESS" stuck in the bands of their fedoras, and almost never say "What a scoop!""

Seriously, how many more articles do we have to read about how librarians aren't just gray-haired, bespectacled custodians of silence anymore? Can't the newspapers come up with a new angle?