Saturday, June 23, 2007

Full Day - part 1 - Digital immigrants and natives

Walked very quickly over to the registration booth to stand in line. Got my stuff so was late getting to the first session I wanted to attend -- "Information in the world of digital natives" -- so I had to stand out in the hall and listen. For those that were standing even further in the hall behind me apologies.

Anyways, from what I can gather the person who was suppose to be talking was not able to be there so some one else had to fill in for him.

So the long and short

Digital Immigrants: adapted to technology; think linear; like texts more than the bling of sites; and work idenpendently

Digital Natives: (/insert sarcasm "are so 1337" /end sarcasm) grew up w/ technology; enjoy the randomness of access; love multimedia; want to personalize everything; 71% of students in uni use the internet more than library (don't tell those database vendors that); 85% of students (at uni's represented on facebook) have a facebook account.

So Immigrants deal w/ tech externally while Natives centralize it.

I think the one caveat that should have been added to this was that Native and Immigrant does not encompass a specific age range -- you can have some in their 50s who is a Digital Native and some in their 20s who is a Digital Immigrant. I think a lot of it depends on how they take to the technology.

So that's all for now -- of to find another shin dig. Oh and the blogger room here -- nice; big; plenty of outlets; and across from the ALA Camp for Kiddos.


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