Sunday, June 24, 2007

Full Day - part 2 - Vendors, Sirsi/Dynix, and SRRT

I decided to go down and take a peek at the Exhibitor area. OMG! It was massive and vendors peddling everything from top tier scientific journals to shoe cushion inserts were there. Note: Stay away from creepy guy who's line was "Hey lady why don't you tell me your shoe size"

I got to talk to some of the vendors I wanted to about work stuff - being new in my job I needed to introduce myself to some of these folks. Other vendors seems too busy talking to their cohorts in the pimping-stuff-to-libraries field to pay much attention to me. Tons of free stuff though -- posters, bags, books, annoying blinkie things that I hope there aren't people prone to seizures seeing.

Anyways I did that for a while and still didn't see everything I got overloaded and then went to what turned out to be a giant sales meeting for Sirsi/Dynix and their new product. Be happy to know it's no longer called Rome -- but Sympathy -- err I mean Symphony. Anyway I think other people in the room were wanting answers as to how the change to this new product would impact their Horizon libraries -- but it really was just a glitz show and there was only about 5 minutes for Q&A before we were shuffled out for the wedding that was taking place next in the room.

So since the Sirsi/Dynix thing took me to the other side of town I decided to go back to my hotel and see the SRRT program on Librarianship and social movements. This program caused me to think a lot -- and I think for the most part the panel was speaking to the choir -- however I'm going to expand upon this in a later post.

Right now I need to figure out if I'm trekking across town for a usergroup meeting or if I'm staying in the conference center. To anyone of influence -- if you are planning a conference in a large metro area and are only allowing no commuting time between sessions please know it will impact the attendence -- everything is so spread out it's hard to see everything that might interest me.

That's all for now!

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