Sunday, July 29, 2007

Enid paper knows what makes good librarians

It takes many things to make a good librarian -- Well I agree with part of these... :-)
What makes a good librarian?

• Good librarians don’t have to have gray hair pinned in a bun.

• Good librarians are patrons of their own library.

• Good librarians treat all people as first-class citizens and don’t require three things of them before assisting.

• Good librarians do their best management with a smile or a frown.

• Good librarians defend against censorship, not demand it of books and thought.

• Good librarians stand up for goodness and “The Golden Rule.”

• Good librarians read and know who Will Rogers was.

• Good librarians sometimes marry the President of the United States.

• I suspect that good librarians catalogue the rolls of Heaven.

Like Charlton Heston once said, “Behold, ... God!”

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