Thursday, July 26, 2007


Wired Campus points out -- that the channel that brought us the first VJ (video jockey) now comes a VL (virtual library)... or at least a VD (virtual dictionary [get your mind out of the gutter]).

College news junkies can find a little something extra on the Web from mtvU, the music television network’s college channel: a “virtual library” of information tied to any word in a news article.

Perhaps it would be better to call it a virtual dictionary. The channel has an online network of about 500 college newspapers, and readers can click on any word in any article to get a pop-up reference window. The information in the pop-up comes from, which boasts entries on four million topics, including detailed explanations of concepts in politics, geography, and science.

Most of what readers will see, however, is a dictionary definition of one clicked-on word. If you want broader or deeper context for, say, the phrase “earth-friendly,” you’ll only get definitions for “earth” or “friendly.”...

I SO want to be the Kennedy of Oklahoma Library World!

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