Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Memories of an Okie library

Snaps North shares a tale of an Oklahoma library memory -- wonder which library in SW Oklahoma will take credit to be the library mentioned.

...Believe me, when you're from central California, small towns in southwestern Oklahoma are exotic. Shortly after arriving I decided I'd better get a library card. I'm not sure who suffered the most from culture shock during that transaction, myself or the two little old, gray-haired librarians. (Ironically, now I'm a little old, gray-haired librarian, but I digress.) These two honestly were the very archetype of librarian. Buns in their hair, orthopedic shoes on their feet. And the books - the books! The books were at least as old as the librarians and considerably more dusty. The librarians, of course, were delighted to see me. I was probably the first person to walk in the door in the last twenty years. They would have been delighted if Genghis Khan had walked through that door, providing he confessed to a desire for a library card....

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