Monday, August 20, 2007

TCCL says No Myspace 4 u!

KTUL is reporting that TCCL is saying No more Myspace at Tulsa Libraries
Tulsa - If you want to use the popular socializing website mySpace at any Tulsa County library, you will be out of luck.

The Tulsa Library Commission has banned the site from all of its computers. They have put up a pop-up block page if anyone attempts to log on.

The commission made the decision after receiving dozens of complaints from parents, saying the pictures posted on some of those sites are inappropriate.

"There were complaints about the content on mySpace images popping up on the screen so others in the library could see them," says Mike Meienheimer.

Some mySpace users are outraged by the decision.

"I'm 23 years old and now the library is telling me I can't get onto mySpace? I don't think they are my parent."...

I can understand a library wanting to block some content on Myspace -- after all it's a controversial site. And not all the content is suitable for children. Yet -- I know a lot of people who use it to keep in touch with family and friends and they don't post naughty pictures to their pages. I'll be interested to see how Tulsa handles blocking the content for all ages. I know there are some libraries which block MySpace only for individuals under the age of 18 because the thought is once they are an adult there's isn't much you can do - unless it violates state statutes.

Oh and KTUL should probably double check all their facts and spelling before clicking publish...I'm just saying...

Edit (8/21): Found an interesting discussion over at Bubbaworld about this issue.

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