Thursday, September 20, 2007

Acoustic Thunder of the Oklahoma Plains

Gayle E., media specialist for Newkirk Public Schools, sends this library story:
We just had a wonderful Centennial/music program at our school. It is called Acoustic Thunder of the Oklahoma Plains. My husband, a retired teacher, is one of the presenters. They presented it at our elementary school, an elementary school in Tonkawa, and several of the schools in Ponca City. The reviews were great!

The program features 12 acoustic instruments that could have come to Oklahoma around statehood. A Brief history of the instrument (age appropriate) is given along with a song featuring that instrument and presented with fun, humor, and interactive songs. The program is 30-45 minutes long.

The program will be available to schools again between September 20 – Christmas Break. Price for the assembly has a basic rate of $300, plus mileage .

For booking information on this time sensitive assembly, please contact: Dale Eisenhauer at (580)-362-5437, or email at

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