Monday, September 24, 2007

Muskogee says support adult literacy

The MuskogeePhoenix has an article about adult literacy, Literacy column: Support adult literacy with donations:
...Since we worked together to support childhood literacy, let’s now turn our attention to increasing resources and support for adult literacy. Our state’s literacy organization has discovered a way to raise money for Oklahoma Literacy efforts without asking you to give one cent. In fact, not only can you help raise funds for literacy, you can get rid of the outdated, unused supply of old cell phones, video games, and other such items that are taking up valuable space in your home, office and life. The donated equipment will be sold to EcoPhones for recycling and all the proceeds will benefit the Oklahoma Literacy Coalition, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Donations may be dropped off at the Muskogee Public Library from now until Oct. 24. The following items can be donated; cell phones, ink jet printer cartridges, DVD movies and video games, portable DVD players, laptop computers, MP3 players, X-Boxes, Sony Playstations, Wii, digital cameras, digital video cameras, digital picture frames, portable navigation and GPS devices such as Garmin, Magellan or Tom-Tom. The Oklahoma Literacy Coalition will earn cash for every item, guaranteed. This includes damaged and non-working items, also...

If you find that interesting you may want to check out ODL's Literacy Resource Office.

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