Monday, September 24, 2007

Top 10 ways to fire the client from H E double hockey sticks

Found this via Geeks are Sexy - it's a list of how to get rid of those clients are are just a plain ol' pain in the tuchis (or however you want to spell it).

So the question is -- can libraries apply these to those patrons who live on the same block as these clients in question? Especially considering we don't charge for many of our services? Here's the type of clients - each one as an explanation and suggestion for how to deal with them.
1. The bargain shopper:
2. The client who can't make deadlines:
3. The client with a not-so-small project:
4. The one who's never satisfied:
5. The client who wants you to be something you're not:
6. The one who expects you to deliver more for the same price:
7. The know-it-all:
8. The next-100-days client:
9. The one who wants your home phone number:
10. The one with 100 lawyers:


Jeff Scott said...

You can't fire them, but you can make them quit :)

I have had discussions with patrons and when I didn't do what they wanted, they threw their card at me and asked me to cut it up.

Of course, they always come back. I always like to issue their card personally :)

Carleen said...

When I first started working at the reference desk five years ago, I had a patron who wanted me to change the seating arrangement on her transatlantic flight to France. "I would like a window seat instead of an aisle". Actually, I had always wanted to work in the flight industry. She was a little confused when I told her I didn't have the capacity to do that.