Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Centennial and Oklahoma Libraries

I was visiting the Oklahoma Centennial site and noticed there are a few festivities that are still going on that you can participate in at a library near you:

Ardmore's Eliza Cruce Hall Doll Collection
Jan 1, 2007 - Dec 31, 2007
Ardmore - Heritage Activities
Eliza Cruce Hall, a resident of Indian Territory since 1896 and the niece of Oklahoma's second governor Lee J. Cruce, generously donated her extensive and valuable doll collection to the Ardmore Public Library in 1971. The collection is listed as a must-see in many trade publications and travel guides. This rejuvenation includes creation of a color catalog with the history, photographs and descriptions of the dolls.

Ardmore's McGalliard History Collection
Jan 1, 2007 - Dec 31, 2007
Statewide - Publications/Research
The Ardmore Public Library is home to a vital collection of original photographs and documents that feature Ardmore and the unique history of the South Central Region of Oklahoma. The Mac McGalliard bequest of over 4,700 items is now housed in a vertical file with a rudimentary card catalog used as a finding aid. This project is to digitize and make electronically searchable the entire collection of one-of-a-kind artifacts, providing an invaluable tool for writers, historians, researchers and genealogists.

Centennial Walk - River Extension

Tulsa - Parks/Gardens
The Arkansas River extension will provide an extension of the current Centennial Walk route from the new arena site along Denver, to the new Central Library site and then to the new city property at the east edge of the historic Cyrus Avery Memorial Route 66 (11th Street) Bridge.

Cherokee Centennial Clock
Cherokee - Art/Landmarks
A Centennial clock in front of the library to enhance the community as the finishing touch to newly completed sidewalks and street lamps.

Colcord's Springtown School Renovation
Colcord - Historic Restorations
Restoration of the Springtown, AR. School built in the early 1900's (17 miles from Colcord, OK.) It has been purchased and will be moved to the Talbot Library/Museum property. To be restored as close as possible to its original condition. Planned uses of the building are for school displays, community functions, and educational projects.

Leaping Waters Fountain
Oklahoma City - Parks/Gardens
Located on the plaza in front of the downtown metro library, this high-tech, computer-controlled water fountain invites children to play in varied bursts and streams of water launched into a central basin.

OK Read - 100 Books for 100 Years (Oklahoma Kids Read)
Oct 1, 2006 - Oct 31, 2007
Beaver - Heritage Activities
Students at Beaver Elementary School grades 4-6 are challenged to read books, attend Library skills classes, work on a group presentation, do an individual creative project, and participate in Beaver's Cow chip parade. Students will learn about the history and symbols of Oklahoma. Students who complete the ultimate challenge of "100 Books for 100 Years" will be entitled to an all expense paid trip to the Oklahoma Centennial Parade.

Oklahoma Voices- Publications/Research
An oral history project modeled after the national StoryCorps project. Interviews of Oklahoma County community leaders and elders over 75 years of age will be interviewed. A copy will be given to the participants and a copy housed in the Oklahoma Room of the Downtown Library. Twelve libraries will be visited to collect the interviews and it is expected to collect over 250 interviews.

Uncrowned Queens
Statewide - Multi-Media
A Web-based project celebrating achievements of Oklahoma's African American women. Individuals and communities submit names of women; biographies of honorees will be archived in the Oklahoma Historical Society Research Library.

So why do I bring this up now? Well the Centennial Parade, in OKC, is this weekend - and I've heard through Oklahoma Libraries grapevine that Libraries will be representin' (in the parade). How so? you ask... Well from what I can gather -- here's a hint from the last ALA Conference

All I'm saying is -- I'm tuning in to OETA to see if Oklahoma Libraries get a little air time.

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Parade Lover said...

You're right! Pioneer Flag Team and Book Cart Team will be there. They should be a hoot! OETA will air the parade live at 2pm (unless it's delayed by weather). It will also be streamed on their website. I can't wait!