Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Long time no read...

Wow, things have been super crazy lately. So crazy I've had to do zero-based Google Reader maintenance. What does that mean? Well anytime my not-read feeds get over 20 posts I do a "Mark All As Read" - because I just don't have the time to keep up.

So what have I been up to? Well my work is gearing up for another Big Read Oklahoma season. They are encouraging everyone to read the book Bless Me, Ultima. I have to admit I haven't read it yet -- but don't tell anyone I didn't read the last one either. But I have been working more with Joomla and I think my web team and I are getting a little faster at developing these special event sites relatively quickly.

I got a call yesterday from a newspaper wanting to an interview because a reporter attended a board meeting and heard my name mentioned. Which was a surprise to me since I don't consider myself important enough to attend meetings. Don't worry it wasn't for anything scandalous like me handing out free copies of Go Ask, Alice at the local elementary school -- no, my system is joining the ranks of Metro and TCCL by subscribing to Overdrive. I felt kind of bad talking to the reporter because I couldn't offer her any tasty sound bites or any 'cool' reasons as to why we were taking the leap to downloadables. Are you doing this to appeal to kids? Um, well no not really - just want to appeal to anyone who might want to download a book to an mp3 player or computer and listen to it. It might be particularly good for those with a hectic lives and can't make it to the library or live in rural areas and don't have a library near them. Well what kind of titles are you going to have? Um, I dunno - I spent my lunch today just trying to figure out if I want to call a feature "My Downloads" or "My ebooks" or "My Cart" or "My Bookbag" or...well you get the drift Well this will be up and running by April right? Um, well I don't know I sure hope so - if all goes according to plan. Let me just say if you see a link from the homepage on April 1st it's not a joke.

So yeah, I kind of suck at phone interviews especially when I haven't even read all the paper work yet and I just spent half my day fielding questions brought about by our first week of the new beta website being front and center for the public. Which isn't going half bad - I know a few people are expecting a lot more webling and really aren't use to a minimalist look -- but our thought process right now is the fewer graphics and more CSS means faster download time.

But yeah, that's what I've been up to...what about you all? Anything new and exciting in the blogging world I've missed recently?

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