Monday, August 04, 2008

Web Junction launches a new look

Have you been over to Web Junction lately? Me neither. At least not until today when I got an email from them informing me that they'd just updated their website. They've been working on it all summer and here's what's new:

You'll find a short video presentation on the new homepage that reviews highlights of the new platform and prompts you to sign in and update your profile. This is the first step towards taking advantage of the new features and functionalities. Some of the new features:

New course catalog offers hundreds of new courses from WebJunction, LE@D, and SkillSoft.

My WebJunction tab on the main page creates a more personalized experience. Sign in to see My WebJunction and start to collect all your bookmarks, contributions, and activities in one place.

More partners means more choices for subscribing to customized content from library service organizations.

Deeper member profile with personalized fields allows you to choose how to represent yourself to other WebJunction members. Plus, you control how much of your WebJunction profile to share.

Community ownership means you contribute too. The new platform makes it easy for anyone across the community to add content in all kinds of formats.

Friendly Terms of Use now include Creative Commons licensing and custom privacy options. When you sign in you'll be accepting our new Terms ( Please take some time to review them before you get started.

I don't visit Web Junction as often as a should. I've never actually taken a course from them but I have used their forums before and accessed several of their informative articles. I would be interested in knowing if there are any libraries here in Oklahoma who have utilized their classes for staff development or training. I know that they often partner with state libraries but I wondered if any public/academic, library systems in general have used their resources independently as a way to train their staff.

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I know me neither, i really should visit more often. I recently read that WebJunction launches new online social and learning experience for the library community I think its great.