Monday, February 16, 2009

Break out session - Pat Wagner part deux

Question from audience:
Do ppl substitute drama for a feeling of importance?

People are psychopharmaceutically addicted to conflict. At times of threat natural pain killers make us numb - When we create/interact drama it's an endorphin cocktail to our system and makes us stupid. You become oblivious to how your behavior impacts other people.

Need to develop skills to diffuse the drama.
Think of it this way - How can we make the day better for someone else?

Most good adults tend themselves lower scores than they deserve on self evaluations...

Don't allow employees to emotionally blackmail other employees - it greatly impacts productivity

A lack of resources, including time and personnel, is a symptom of choices we are making.

Decide - do you want the projects to be Cheap - Fast or Good? Actually it's a ratio that needs to be determined so standards can be set.

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