Monday, June 18, 2007

Auto-Graphics debuts next generation AGent library automation platform for Web 2.0

Library Technology Guides | Auto-Graphics debuts next generation AGent library automation platform for Web 2.0
Auto-Graphics' commitment to delivering innovative and standards-based solutions revolves around its AGent suite of integrated products, which offers a library automation platform currently used by more than 5,000 libraries in North America. The enhanced functionality of AGent 3.0 includes:

* Redesigned User Interface: AGent 3.0's user interface (UI) makes more information available to the end-user by taking advantage of new system and screen technology. The new UI effectively blends information from the traditional OPAC, federated search technology and a range of progressive tools to enhance the information discovery process.
* Improved Information Discovery Tools: These new tools join the wide array of search tools, such as a spell checker, local and authoritative cross referencing, built-in federated search capabilities and virtual de-duplication of results, available to AGent users.
* Clustered Results Engine: This latest release will include an Auto-Graphics-powered clustered results engine that identifies contextual associations between words using existing metadata and displays these relationships to reveal associations not previously considered.
* User Tagging Options: AGent 3.0's flexible user tagging functionality balances the user's desire for participation with the library's need for regulation. It enables AGent users to contribute to the OPAC in the form of comments, reviews, ratings, added subjects and keywords and other information to provide insightful peer input to library collections, while also allowing administrators to turn contributions on and off as necessary.
* Faceted Results Display: The full release of AGent 3.0 will include faceted results display, allowing users to more effectively find specific types of material within the results of any query. Users will have the option to refine result sets by language, material or item type, format, location and other qualifiers.
* Instant Messaging: AGent 3.0 seamlessly integrates the ability to offer instant messaging within the application to provide real-time answers to user questions.
* E-Commerce Functionality: Auto-Graphics has integrated an array of best-of-breed e-commerce functionality into the latest version release, including the ability for users to purchase books through a custom library website, suggest a book for addition to a library collection or pay fees online.

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