Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gearing up for ALA

So I've printed off all my traveling information for my first trip to an American Library Association Annual Conference.

I get to fly in to Dulles and then make a trek to the metrorail. I've been to DC a couple of other times but have only ever flew in to Reagan. Any tips for me?

I've gotten a large stack of cards from vendors trying to woo my non existent branch dollars to their ALA booths (perks of being virtual -- I don't have real monies). One vendor is offering wine and cheese -- another a lovely disposable camera I can hardly contain my excitement.

Actually I am very excited about going to conference. I've never been to a gathering of librarians of this magnitude -- and I can't wait to exchange warmest sweater for cold offices and compare sensible shoe sizes.

So anyone have conference tips or any presentations I just HAVE to attend?


Chris said...

This might interest you - WebJunction has several threads for first-time or first-time in a long time attendees to ALA - one of them is here with a list of suggested sessions - I know this is late, but might be helpful for last minute planning -

Sarah Clark said...

Nothing aside from "don't over-commit yourself"--when I went to Internet Librarian I went to every session, talked to every vendor, networked my little brain out--and was a burnt-out shell by the afternoon of the last day. Given that ALA is about 10 times the size of IL...Pace yourself. :-)