Friday, July 20, 2007

Duncan Public Library sets 5 year plan

Duncan Banner | Tentative five-year plan set by DPL
Tentative plans for the next five years at the Duncan Public Library have been set and approved.

The library board discussed the long-range plan, which covers from the 2007-08 fiscal year to the 2011-12 fiscal year, at the regular meeting Tuesday.

Board members approved the outline with a few changes.

Library Director Ann Brown said, “It gives us an idea of where we want to go. It kind of gives us a destination, and we can set goals to see if we can meet it.”

Having a long-range plan is not only a way for the library to know what to accomplish, but is also a requirement set by the state department of libraries.

“We have to have a long-range plan to send to the state,” Brown said.

Before the plan can be submitted to the state, it had to be approved by the board, which occurred unanimously during Tuesday’s meeting....

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